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How to write dll in vb

How to convert a VB module to a DLL - Hermetic Systems I had some problems in translating the code from VB60 to the language implemented in VS2008, so I decided to compile the code in a DLL using VB60, and it from the main program. In particular, what have I to add to the code to make it suitable for DLL compiling, and to make it accessible from other applications? <i>How</i> to convert a VB module to a <i>DLL</i> - Hermetic Systems
This article provides a step-by-step tutorial showing how to convert a Visual Basic module containing functions to a Windows dynamic link library DLL, so that.

Make a VB-dll and load it in C++ application - Stack Overflow This tutorial contains a dll file created with Microsoft Visual C . Make a VB-<em>dll</em> and load it in C++ application - Stack Overflow
Thanks for all the input. I've come across another way to solve my problem, using a. I've tried compiling the VB-code both with and without "Register for COM interop". 1 What am I doing wrong? 2 If there isn't any nice way to.

Tutorial - Create a DLL / Class Library Visual Basic. Lately I have been working hard on a completely new project – compiling VBA to VB. If you’ve had your way around my blog a little bit you mht notice I am little obsessed with VBA code performance and VBA multithreading :). No surprises there – Microsoft didn’t expect anyone to write complex algorithms and applications in a Workbook. Or simply they start as small stopgaps and then grow bger and more complex. Tutorial - Create a <u>DLL</u> / Class Library Visual Basic.
Feb 28, 2014. In this Visual Basic tutorial I will be showing you how to create and use your own DLL Dynamic Link Library in your projects.

How to write dll in vb:

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